1. Parts Warranty and Refund Policy
    1.1. Parts are ordered upon information supplied by the customer and therefore LGWC cannot be held liable for wrong parts ordered if the incorrect information was supplied.
    1.2. LGWC cannot take responsibility for delays caused by incorrect information supplied by clients.
    1.3. Stock Availability of parts, as given by Sales Personnel, is an estimate based on supplier information. LGWC cannot be held liable for time delays caused by third parties
    1.4. Full payment is required for orders to be placed.
    1.5. LGWC offers no warranty on parts sold.
    1.6. All parts are to be inspected by both LGWC and the customer/courier upon collection and no defaced parts will be brought into consideration for a refund. LGWC cannot be held liable for transport damage if the part is transported from the premises by the customer/courier.
    1.7. Defective parts must be reported to LGWC within seven (7) days in order to be replaced.
    1.8. All returns need to be handed over to LGWC within twenty one (21) days from date of invoice.
    1.9. Refunds of returns carry a restocking fee of 25% of the value of the part returned.
    1.10. After initial order is placed, supplier could inform of price/stock changes or parts discontinued. The aforementioned is beyond our control and could happen without notice, LGWC cannot be held liable for these changes
    1.11. Electronic parts return policy (including PC Boards)
    Electronic parts and or PC Boards will only be replaced or refunded (See 1.9) if part was fitted by a Qualified Technician and must be accompanied by a Full Technical Report as to the reason for return.
    1.12. Although LGWC offers the Service of Part Fitment. Without Prior Assessment, as per customer instruction, this Service carries no warranty on Parts.
2. Service Warranty
    2.1 “Service Warranty” refers to a 90 Day Warranty period on Parts and Labor for Services rendered on a faulty unit.
    2.2 “Faulty unit” refers to the LG Product that has been assessed and/or repaired by LGWC.
    2.3 “Parts” refer to all parts purchased and fitted onto a faulty unit. Parts carry a 90 Day Warranty after fitment onto the faulty unit by LGWC.
    2.4 LGWC Cannot be held liable for Parts Failure within the 90 days if the parts were not identified as faulty on the initial assessment and subsequently replaced. The 90 Day Service Warranty is only valid on the actual Parts replaced and labor done.
    2.5 Should the part be replaced on an out-of-warranty repair, the liability and responsibility of the safekeeping of the original part falls on the customer to the extent of the service warranty period.
    2.6 “Labor” refers to assessment, fitment of parts and testing of faulty unit by LGWC. Labor carries a 90 Day Warranty if the faulty unit repaired is assessed again and the fault is found to be the same as the initial fault repaired.
    2.7 The Service Warranty will be declared void in the following instances:
    - Customer abuse has been determined
    - A non-LGWC technician has attempted any further/other repairs to the Faulty Unit after Services rendered.
    2.8 The Service Warranty does not include Collection / Drop off of faulty units within the 90 Days. This service is covered if paid for on the initial repair; or is available at a fee if not paid for on the initial repair.
3. Service Disclaimer
    3.1. The Assessment Fee must be paid to LGWC before a faulty unit can be assessed.
    3.2. The Assessment Fee is NON Refundable if Parts required for repair is discontinued and will be kept as a Quote Rejection fee if the Quote is rejected.
    3.3. In the event that a PC Board can be repaired, w.r.t. TV / Audio / Microwaves, LGWC is granted the permission to Repair on Assessment, as this cannot be pre-determined. For this only a Labor Rate will be charged. In the event that this repair fails a Quote will be issued to the customer and payment is required for a new PC Board before order/fitment commences. W.r.t. Appliances (Washing Machines / Dryers / Refrigerators / Dishwashers) PC Board repairs are not a Factory Standard and LGWC will only quote on new PC Boards, and not the repair thereof.
    3.4. LGWC will not be held liable for any lost/stolen accessories, as no Accessories are needed for the assessment of a faulty unit. Only in cases where accessories are required and specifically requested by the technician will LGWC be held liable for lost/stolen accessories.
    3.5. All faulty units that are Assessed / Repaired need to be uplifted within 60 Days after Quote received / Completion of repair. If the faulty unit is not uplifted within this time period it will be sold to defray storage cost. (Ongoing attempts will be made by LGWC to notify customers of collection.)
    3.6. LGWC is not liable for wear and tear, corrosion, rust, stain, dents or normal to deep scratches upon receiving faulty unit; or defects / damage arising from when the product is carried in by a third party.
    3.7. Although LGWC offers the service of part fitment without prior assessment, as per customer instruction, this service carries no warranty on labor.
    3.8. LGWC is not liable for In-Warranty service on products where the model or serial number has been removed, altered or obliterated from the product.
    3.9. LGWC cannot be held liable for any internal/external leaks on a refrigerator should a compressor be fit and re-gassed.